Black Bear Takes A Wild Ride Over A Rough Waterfall In Yosemite National Park

A bear swimming in water

Talk about a wild ride.

I’m sure the bear didn’t wake up on this morning expecting to go on the ride of his life but it happened.

Waterfalls and waterways in general can be hard and dangerous for wildlife. Like the cubs that went through the waterfall in Alaska, or the elk that fell to its death.

Moral of the story, animals need to make sure they don’t go chasing waterfalls.

A backpacker was out getting some water in the morning when he came across this bear trying get to the other side of the river.

There’s only one problem, there was a waterfall directly below where he started to swim. This is not your typical waterfall either, it’s followed by a deadly set of rapids that no one would want to tumbling down through.

The hiker watches in amazement of the bear swimming and then complete shock as it makes its way towards the waterfall. Down he goes.

“Swim bear, swim! OH NO!”

There’s silence other than the rushing water as you see the bear bob his way through the rough river.

“I don’t think that was supposed to happen”

No, you are correct on that… you can tell the man is just shocked at what he witnessed. As he should be, he may have just witnessed a bear fall to its death.

“I started laughing when I initially realize it’s fighting hard against the current. Obviously my amusement turns to nervous laughter as it starts getting pulled toward me, still assuming it’s going to be strong enough to pull itself out.

By the time the bear and I both realize it’s not getting out, the current has already sucked the bear down the waterfall behind me and shoots the whitewater rapids tumbling end over end until the video ends.”

The video ends and leaves you wondering if it even survived, but that gets summed up with a little reading.

“It took me a moment to get over my shock as I look for it without scanning for it with my phone.

I shut off the video fearing the worst when the bear scampers out on the opposite side of the river as far as I can see.”

I bet that bear will play it a little safer when he’s coming back across.

Maybe bears do like rides though… this guy was hanging out at an amusement park in Tennessee.

Mama Bear Watches Her Cubs Go Down Waterfall

These animals need to listen… don’t go chasing waterfalls.

Brown bears in Alaska are well known for their impressive fishing abilities around waterfalls. We’ve all seen a video of that. Watching this massive group of brown bears feeding on salmon is just amazing.

These bears survive by eating salmon so the mother bears have to get them out there young to practice their fishing skills. These bears will grow up to some of the biggest brown bears in the world eating fish as a main source of food.

When the mother bear starts to lead her cubs across the river to where she will set up to fish one of them starts to struggle. The cub kicks and kicks but slowly loses all of its footing.

You can see what’s coming before it happens.

The cub starts to go for a wild ride and takes off straight over the waterfall.

The mother bear just watches the first go down, but eventually runs around and down as two more cubs down over the falls out of view.

The cubs are all well and go as far as the eye can tell in the video. They swim to shore and shake the water off.

I would say that’s there first hard lesson of things they need to learn in the wild.

It’s a wild life out there and these brown bears are some of the wildest.

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