Zach Bryan Reveals Full Nine-Song ‘Summertime Blues’ Tracklist, Includes “Oklahoma Smoke Show” And “Twenty So”

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Zach Bryan is gearing up to bless our ears once more, as he’s dropping a nine-song EP, Summertime Blues, next Friday.

On the heels of his monster 34-track debut studio album American Heartbreak, he announced just last week that he had another new project coming very soon (one he’d hinted at several times previously).

We already knew “Oklahoma Smoke Show” would be on the tracklist, as he confirmed it on Twitter last week, and you may remember he had previously put “Summertime Blues” up online a while back, but due to some legal issues, it had to be removed.

He just released the title track as the first and only single from the project a couple days ago, and he’s teased “Twenty So” before, but now, we have the full list of nine songs coming our way in just about a week:

“A celebration is in order on release day for accidentally leaving Jamie on there, see y’all then, S’GOOOOOOO”

And it sounds like we’re even getting a bonus song that wasn’t initially supposed to make the cut (and might’ve been included on accident) called “Jamie”:

Summertime Blues tracklist:

1. “Quittin’ Time”
2. “Motorcycle Drive By”
3. “Summertime Blues”
4. “Oklahoma Smoke Show”
5. “Jamie”
6. “Twenty So”
7. “Us Then”
8. “Matt and Audie”
9. “All the Time”

And if, like me, you’re wondering how he still has more new stuff to even put out after essentially released a double album barely over a month ago, he responded to a fan on Twitter saying that he’s written in a journal twice a day for his entire life and has a lot more where all of this is coming from.

So, what I’m getting out of that is, we’re gonna start making this a monthly thing now?

I’m here for it…

The entire EP will be out next Friday, July 15th.

“Summertime Blues”

“Oklahoma Smoke Show”

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