Zach Bryan Releases “Summertime Blues,” The Title Track From Upcoming EP

Zach Bryan

It’s truly redundant at this point, but seriously, how many great songs can one man put out in a summer?

Fresh off one of the greatest albums of all-time, the 34-track masterpiece American Heartbreak, Zach Bryan is already back and ready for more.

After teasing an upcoming EP for a few weeks, we finally got a release date thanks to some great Twitter work from one of our writers.

The EP will feature a new unreleased song called “Smalltown Smokeshow” which quickly became a fan-favorite, but late last night Zach dropped the title track, “Summertime Blues” on YouTube.

You may remember, he had previously put this one up but due to some legal issues it had to be removed. Thankfully, that all seems to be sorted out because the song and video are now up for all of our summertime sadness.

The video is classic Zach Bryan, a compilation of good times captured over the course of his crazy rise to stardom, from stadium shows and motorcycle rides to beach trips and clips from the studio.

But above all, the songwriting is fantastic.

This may even be a step-up, perfectly capturing the feeling of knowing things are great and enjoying every moment while still feeling that lowly ache deep down that something, or someone, is missing. Even more, he speaks of the types of people throughout the world feeling this same thing, from girls on beaches, to men working in Oklahoma, to the kids of rich parents in the Hamptons.

You would be right to say on the surface those three things don’t have many similarities, but diving under the skin shows the throb of longing we all have, a tragic, yet beautiful bond shared in this life.

Here’s a few lines that really nailed it.

“I wish I still had someone to lose
All I got are these summertime blues.”

“There’s a green eyed, dark haired beauty
On some beach by Monteray
Letting waves wash away her pain
That I’ll never know”

“I bought a bottle of the best bourbon
A beat down boy can buy
I’m gonna bury all my sorrow
As the summertime passes by”

Just damn good stuff right there.

Can’t wait for July 15th, but are we not spoiled rotten by all of this? And there may be more of it in the form of an Armed Forces Medley as well?

Soak it up people, moments like this tend to be fleeting, so take the time to listen, then make the most of what you have.

That’s all we can do anyway, might as well do it right.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock