Zach Bryan Teases New Song, “Twenty So,” Just Two Weeks After Releasing His 34-Track Debut Studio Album ‘American Heartbreak’

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Zach Bryan is already teasing a new song barely two weeks after dropping an entire 34-song tracklist album in American Heartbreak?

I’m HERE for it… although I still don’t know when this man sleeps.

The new one is called “Twenty So,” and finds him recounting the hard parts of being a twenty-something-year-old man trying to navigate love, life and everything in between (another common theme on the aforementioned new record). And yet, wanting to stay in the freedom of those moments.

Like pretty much everything he touches these days, it’s gold:

“How close can a man come to God before dying?
about as close as you were, when you were trying,
to shade the sun from your eyes on the creek’s edge darling,
there’s a bar around the bend a man is bending blues guitar in…”

Zach did previously confirm on Twitter that he has two EP’s coming called Summertime Blues, and an “Armed Forces Medley,” which he wrote for “all the men and woman serving this country”:

Of course, Zach was honorably discharged from active duty in the U.S. Navy last October in order to pursue music full-time, and he noted that it has been a “bittersweet ordeal” for him getting out of the service, which is not uncommon for a lot of people in his position as he comes to terms with a completely new life.

And that, coupled with the fragile nature of the topic for these EP’s, has taken him more time than he thought it would to finish:

“Took me a hell of a lot longer to write some veteran songs than anticipated because of how fragile of a subject it is to so many people.

Getting out of the Navy was a bittersweet ordeal for me and I’m coming to grips with it as of lately.”

There is no official release date or other information on these two new EP’s, and this new song may not even be on it, but it doesn’t seem out of the question since he also has that special project currently in the works.

And with American Heartbreak debuting at #5 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart and #1 on their Top Country Albums chart last week, it’s almost unbelievable that he’s teasing new music already… but I couldn’t love it more.

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