Man Captures Wild Video Of Coyote Trying To Attack Him In Canada

That’s a unique encounter.

Coyotes are thought of as animal that attacks people, but the truth is that it’s a really rare occasion, especially in the woods. Most attacks happen from coyotes living in or near urban environments, and they’re usually sick, whether it’s rabies or some other kind of illness.

Coyotes are generally very weary of people, especially when it’s a singular coyote. They really don’t get that big, usually only weighing up to about 30-pounds in the western side of North America where this one is from. That makes them a very minor threat to humans, and they rarely would even consider sizing up a human.

So, it goes without saying, but this encounter is very rare.

The man filming is also uniquely calm in the situation, which shows us that he knows this animal would have to work hard to really hurt him.

The coyote is seen running at the man trying to nip his legs as the man yells at it to leave him alone.

The coyote doesn’t stop though, every time the man scares him off he keeps on running right back to try and bite him again.

It continues on and on and the man just stays calm the whole time. It almost looks as if they’re playing, but the coyote has that look in its eyes, the vicious look where it actually wants to attack and you can tell. Yet, the man almost seems annoyed more than anything as the coyote relentlessly comes at him.

The man sticks his boot out and using the as a scale the coyote doesn’t seem that large. It bites and nips at the man’s boot as he yells at it.

Finally, the man ends it off with a great quote towards the coyote as it tries to eat his boot.

“You wanna f*ck around. You can’t hurt me motherf*cker. You are beautiful though”

And by the end of this adorable encounter, the man gives a view of where he’s at and comically says:

“And this is my dog…”

Not the reaction most people would have in this situation, but this guy is not most people.

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