Logan Jahnke Teams Up With Kolby Cooper For New Single, “Who Am I To Judge”

If you’re looking for the next big name in the Texas country rock scene, look no further than Logan Jahnke.

The Texas native blends a mix of country and rock & roll, and his brand new single, “Who Am I To Judge,” is yet another perfect example.

“Who Am I to Judge” strikes a sense of relatability in every listener, who has been on the wrong end of the stick in a relationship. In the song, Jahnke sings about the tough reality of seeing his former significant other living freely, and there’s nobody to blame but himself, because he was the one who messed it all up.

The chorus tells it all:

“Who am I to judge?
When I keep fuckin’ up
Who am I to care?
When I know life ain’t fair
Well I love you way too much
To be throwin’ our name in the dust
Who am I to judge?
When I’m the one who’s fuckin’ up…”

He also has another big time Texas country rocker featured in the song as well, and it’s none other than Kolby Cooper.

With that being said, Jahnke and Cooper dropped a kickass music video as well, featuring Jahnke gambling at an underground poker table, with his ex dealing cards.

He racks up a ton of chips, and needless to say it doesn’t go over too well with another guy at the table. As Jahnke walks outside with the cash, he gets attacked from behind…

However, his old flame is right there by his side, as she sees him down on the pavement.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock