Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Episode Of ‘MTV Cribs’ Is Early 2000’s Nostalgia At Its Finest

Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr. had one hell of a bachelor pad back in the day.

And he showed it off on an episode of MTV Cribs in 2001, which is just early 2000’s nostalgia at its finest.

Considering that he’s now a happily married family man with two young daughters, it’s pretty funny to see him like this and how different he was back then. He was a well-known partier in NASCAR back in the day, and used to have so much beer delivered to his house that distributors thought he was selling it.

Located about 30 minutes outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, the home featured two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pool, plenty of race cars, and a whole bar and club in the basement.

He also showed off his bedroom (with a color coordinated closet), living room and dining room, where he kept a Gibson guitar with his Budweiser sponsorship logo and previous car number on it that he had specially made.

Actually, he sent one to Foo Fighters frontman David Eric Grohl because he was such a big fan of their music, and David played with it in concert just two days after Dale Jr.’s legendary father, Dale Earnhardt Sr., was killed in a wreck at Daytona in 2001.

But the best part is is bar area, which he had designed by a local Charlotte bar owner, because it was so hard to get a ride home (being that Uber didn’t exist in the early 2000’s), and he lived so far from where all the best spots were.

Like I said, Jr. partied hard back then, saying:

“I kinda like going out to clubs, but when I go to a club, I like to get trashed.”

Featuring a full bar with a cooler of beer that holds 11 cases in total, he noted that that basement area could hold a whopping 225-250 people at a time. It also included a dance floor, which he made sure to note would fill up with girls if they played the right song.

He showed off his pool and backyard, too, but of course, didn’t let the crew leave without showing off some of his favorite cars, as well.

He now lives out on some land near Mooresville, North Carolina with his family (that has an entire western town called Whiskey River which was inspired by Willie Nelson’s ranch in Texas), but make sure you check out his episode of Cribs… you’ll be be glad you did:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock