Kangaroo Tries To Escape Trio Of Wedge-Tailed Eagles In Full-Blown Attack Mode

Australia is such a wild place.

Stunningly beautiful with wide variety of landscapes and climates… it’s an absolute bucket list place if you’ve never been.

It also happens to be one of the least densely populated places in the world, with a large percentage of the country’s population on the eastern seaboard. But as for the rest of the country… mountains, deserts, rainforests, coral reefs… it’s absolutely massive and there’s barely any people.

But you know what there is a lot of… animals that will kill you.

Australia is home to saltwater crocs, sharks, stingrays, jelly fish, venomous snails and octopus, and more… the seas alone are frightening. And then on land, you have tons of venomous snakes, poisonous spiders, other bugs, big-ass birds, kangaroos, annoying magpies, wedge-tailed eagles, dingoes and more… it’s just a wild place.

I mean, I’ve literally seen a dude box a kangaroo to save his dog… more than once.

But, it’s not always the kangaroo that’s doing the bullying.

In this video from near Port Lincoln, on the southern tip of the country in South Australia, a group of tourists came upon a group of wedge-tailed eagles attacking a kangaroo.

Swooping down and taking shots at its head, the roo does his best to fight them off, even though it’s outnumbered. And while the eagles may have just been trying to shoo the roo away from a nest, the roo wasn’t too keen on sticking around and taking a talon to the face.

“While on a ride through open nature in Australia, these people became spectators to a crazy wildlife chase scene as three eagles tried to attack a kangaroo.

The kangaroo fought back and eventually outran the birds, but it was still an amazing air vs. land animal spectacle.”

The wedge-tailed eagles are the largest birds of prey in Australia and while their diet usually consists of rabbits, hares and bandicoots, they have been to go after larger animals like kangaroos and wallabies.

Either way, it’s just more proof that Australia is absolutely amazing place to view wildlife.

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