Wade Bowen Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His New “Everything Has Your Memory” Music Video

Wade Bowen’s comin’ in hot with the lead single to his forthcoming album, “Everything Has Your Memory.”

The new record, which he announced not too long ago on an episode of the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, is called Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth, and is slated to drop on August 12th.

Written by Wade along with Eric Paslay and Heather Morgan, “Everything Has Your Memory” centers around a breakup, where he can’t seem to forget his ex, and seemingly everything he sees reminds him of her and something special they shared together.

And in the new behind the scenes video, which we’re extremely pleased to premiere, Wade actually made his acting debut.

Though he was a little bit nervous, he ended up really enjoying the process and wanting to do it more:

“I have always tried to show a lot of passion with my songwriting, so being able to convey that visually with acting felt really good.

It was my first time acting – don’t judge! Once I settled in it became really fun, and now I really want to do more of it.”

He also told us that one thing you don’t get to see in the new BTS video is that the fight he had with his co-star, Cassidy Johnston, was real, because she preferred tequila to the vodka that he had in his “water” cup…

Ya gotta take the edge off somehow, amirite?

Check out all the good behind-the-scenes action here:

Ultimately, even though this song is melody-driven and easy on the ears, Wade hopes fans can see how real and authentic the song is when they watch the new video:

“This song is so melody driven that I think as a listener you can forget that it’s about real, tough emotions. I hope when people see this they feel that more.

I hope they feel some of the intensity that comes with losing someone you love, no matter the reason.”

I would’ve never known this was his first time acting, and I think it’s safe to say we’ll see a lot more of the Texas native in more of his videos with the release of this new record.

August 12th people… write it down.

“Everything Has Your Memory”

While you’re here, check out the great conversation we had with him on Whiskey Riff Raff podcast recently:

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