Wade Bowen Debuts New Single, “Everything Has Your Memory”

Wade Bowen just doesn’t miss.

Not only did he announce his upcoming album Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth, but he also released his second single of the year with “Everything Has your Memory.”

Written alongside Heather Morgan and Eric Paslay, this catchy heartbreak tune deals with the all too familiar small town breakup story. But as cliche as this topic can be in country music sometimes, Bowen adds his own Texas spin to it to make it one of the best tunes released of late.

Last week, in anticipation of the single’s release, Bowen posted this to YouTube:

“‘Everything has Your Memory’ is just, it’s just a melody driven song. There’s no crazy story behind it, it’s just the melody. I love that sometimes you just sit down as a writer and just hear a melody in your head and you just start singing it.

And you wanna sing it in the shower, and you want to sing it when you’re driving down the road. And I feel like yes, it’s a heartbreak song, yes, it’s a, you know, love gone bad kind of thing, but I think there’s certain elements to those songs when you can twist them around a little bit and create these melodies that are just singable and fun.

And I really hear this song being not only really friendly on the ears radio-wise, or whatever we try to push with it, and I think it’s also a song people are gonna want to sing on stage every night when we’re playing it. And that’s what I really tried to do a lot with this record was try to simplify everything a little bit to where it felt big and bold coming off the stage so people want to hear more of it.

And I can’t imagine someone hearing this song and not wanting to hear more of it. I’m just, I’m really proud of how it turned out.”

A native of Waco, Texas, Bowen released his first album Try Not To Listen almost 20 years ago to the date, and through hard work and heavy touring, Bowen has since amassed an extensive catalog of spectacular music and risen to become one of the best artists Texas has had to offer.

And if that isn’t enough to prove to you his hardwork has paid off, look no further than “Everything Has Changed.”

If this is any indication, that album release in August can’t come soon enough.

Check it out here:

Here’s a look at the first verse and chorus:

“Names in an oak tree
Shine in the stars
The feeling of lonely
Tequila shots up on the bar
Quiet in the morning
Waking up from a dream
Heartache hurting

Everything has your memory
Everywhere I go
You’re the someone that I see
It won’t leave me alone
Oh The love we used to know
Who we used to be
Baby tell me where it goes
Everything has your memory…”

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