Pam Tillis Says Miranda Lambert Is This Generation’s Loretta Lynn: “Paved The Way For This New Crop Of Ladies”

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I mean, who am I to argue with Pam Tillis?

She recently sat down with Tracy Lawrence on his weekly radio show, Honky Tonkin’ With Tracy Lawrence, where he asked her about some of the younger country artists she’s into right now.

Of course, she gave a little love to the great Carly Pearce, as well as Lauren Alaina, but one superstar in particular came to mind.

Pam went on to say that Miranda Lambert has paved the way for the aforementioned ladies to breakout in country music the way they have, and that she believes Miranda is this generations Loretta Lynn:

“I listen some, I listen some. And there’s some great young talent, you know, like Lauren Alaina and Carly Pearce. So many that I’ll sit here and feel stupid ‘cuz they won’t come right to mind.

Of course, Miranda has paved the way for this new crop of ladies, and I think she’s our Loretta Lynn.”

That’s some pretty high praise from a legend like Pam, and while sure, it’s like comparing apples to oranges because the music industry is so vastly different from when Loretta was in her prime, the point is well-taken, and I think her overall sentiment is true.

Though I know there will be plenty of people who will roll their eyes, to say the very least, it’s pretty unfair to not even consider the idea, because no one is doing what she is right now.

I mean, Miranda is on top of her game right now, and is the only female in country music with a bar on lower Broadway (Casa Rosa), has her own clothing line, just launched a new home line at Walmart, released three albums in the last year or so, and was most recently honored as the only country artist on the TIME magazine 2022 list of the 100 most influential people.

It’s a laundry list of accomplishments that, really, no one else can really compare to right now:

And her former opener and fellow Texan Parker McCollum has said before that she’s “the Dolly of our era,” and he’s willing to “die on that hill.”

So call her Loretta, or Dolly, or whatever past country great you want to compare her to, but there’s no denying that Miranda is leaving an indelible mark on the genre that will be heard by generations of music fans to come…

Just like Dolly and Loretta.

You can check out Pam and Tracy’s entire conversation here:

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