I’m Not Sure Why A Kentucky Police Department Is Calling This “Vandalism,” Because It Looked Good To Charlene…

A white truck parked in front of a wall with graffiti

Vandalism? I don’t see any vandalism.

All I see is a farm kid in love who wants the whole town to know how he feels – so he painted it in John Deere Green.

But apparently in Louisa, Kentucky, police are investigating after an old Foodland building was spray painted with letters three foot high saying “Billy Bob Loves Charlene.”

There’s no word yet on whether the town approves of the painter’s color choice, or whether they think he should have used another color (like blue, or yellow, or maybe red).

But in the comments of the Facebook post on local news station WSAZ, it seems that folks are generally supportive of the tribute to the late, great Joe Diffie:

“I mean, it looks good to Charlene. Who cares what the town thinks?”

“Vandalism?! Looks like “true love” to me…. Ol’ Billy Bob is just a hopeless romantic!”

“This isn’t vandalism. This is a love story”

“You see vandalism I see art. Whoever it was has good taste in music!!!”

“Billy Bob’s getting older, it’s not safe to climb water towers anymore. Glad to see they’re still going strong!”

Looks like the townspeople have spoken. The Louisa police can call off the search for the “vandals” now. Because this isn’t vandalism, it’s just art.

Of course this isn’t the first time someone’s used spray paint to pay tribute to Joe Diffie’s iconic song.

On the one year anniversary of Diffie’s death, someone climbed up on the water tower in his hometown of Old Hickory, Tennessee to spray paint “Billy Bob Loves Charlene” inside a 10-foot heart. (Unfortunately the message has since been painted over – which ain’t no use, because there ain’t no paint in the world that’ll cover it).

And of course, now I’ve got to listen to Mr. Diffie’s classic:

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