Go Inside NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin’s 30,000 Square Foot Lake Norman Mansion In North Carolina

A person playing golf

This doesn’t look like a bad spot to go home to in the evenings…

A few years back, NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin built what was, at the time, the biggest house that ever existed on Lake Norman near Charlotte, North Carolina. He purchased the home that was on the initial 2.8-acre lot for $1.375 million.

And he turned it into a massive, 30,000 square foot mansion that sits on the banks of Lake Norman in Cornelius, right in the backyard of NASCAR. Most of the drivers live somewhere on the lake, but Denny has them all beat in terms of square footage when it comes to his estate.

And while Dale Jr.’s old western town on his property is pretty damn cool, Denny’s property looks more like a vacation resort than any house I’ve ever been to.

They started the planning and building the home back in 2014, and the project took right about two years to complete. The sprawling home features a bowling alley, a basketball court, two-dozen TVs, a racing simulator for practice, and a racecar in a glass-walled garage, complete with confetti from his 2016 Daytona 500 win.

In an interview with Charlotte Magazine back in 2017, designer Scott Carpenter said that Denny wanted a masculine edge to his home, but didn’t want it to be cold.

They tried to incorporate touches of elegance and whimsy, which I’m sure his two young daughters, Taylor and Molly, will appreciate as they get older:

“Large, white bricks make up the facade, channeling Malibu vibes in Cornelius.

We didn’t want it to be trendy, but more of a timeless design. A little more modern—more West Coast.”

Check out all the photos from inside the home, which also features an at-home putting green. Seriously, I don’t think I would ever leave this house…

Love him or hate him, I don’t think I’d turn down a dinner party invitation from the guy:

A person playing golf
A kitchen with a large island
A bedroom with a bed and a window
A room with a large glass shower
A room with a large glass door

He also has a bowling alley as part of the man cave, which Denny cleverly named “Victory Lanes”:

A room with a green mat and a large screen with a green mat

The bowling alley also features a massive trophy case for all of his hardware… and a little champagne at the bar to celebrate whenever he has a big victory (though I feel like it probably had to be restocked after his recent Coca-Cola 600 win):

A living room with a blue couch

And the home even has a full-length indoor basketball court, complete with an electronic scoreboard and an entire seating area for people to watch, complete with full views of the lake, of course:

A basketball court in a building
A house with trees and a pool
A living room with a large window

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock