Lainey Wilson On Joining The Cast Of ‘Yellowstone’ For Season Five: “Thank You God And Thank You Taylor Sheridan”

Lainey Wilson country music

I already know Lainey Wilson is gonna kill it as one of the newest cast members of Paramount’s hit series, Yellowstone.

She’s officially joining the cast for Season 5 (which is slated to premiere on November 13th), after creator Taylor Sheridan asked her to play a musician named Abby.

And she talked to The Highway during a CMA Fest event not long after the announcement was made earlier today, saying that she got a call directly from creator Taylor Sheridan saying he created the new roll specifically for her.

Taylor is pretty much the guy in TV right now, so I can only imagine it was equally exciting as it was daunting to receive that news… I mean, there’s no universe in which you turn something like that down from Taylor himself:

“This is the first time I’ve said it out loud. So thi sis my first interview since we announced, this is my first itme I’m sayin’ it, I’m gonna be a co-star on Season five ‘Yellowstone.’

You know, she’s gonna be a musician and so I get to play my songs too, it’s perfect. Taylor Sheridan, the writer and producer of  the show, called me back in February and was like, ‘I’m creating a character specifically for you.’

And I’m like, ‘Thank you God and thank you Taylor Sheridan. It’s a blessing.”

Lainey is a really bubbly, outgoing person with a hilarious personality, so seeing her try out a new job as an actress doesn’t seem like much of a stretch at all for the Louisiana native. If anyone in country music could make that move seamlessly, it’s her:

I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to wait till the fall to see her in action out in Montana alongside Kayce Dutton and Rip Wheeler… though I’ll admit, I might be slightly jealous, too.

Lainey’s music was previously featured on several different episodes of Yellowstone, including her songs “Workin’ Overtime,” “Rolling Stone,” and “Small Town, Girl,” so in a way, this feels like a natural next step for the Louisiana native.

And after a few Emmy nominations for some of our favorite actors on the show, as well as being named the top-rated show on TV (aside from sports), this might just be the most highly-anticipated season yet.

Here’s Lainey performing some of those aforementioned songs for Yellowstone a little while back:

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