Natural Light & Busch Light Tease Glorious “BFF Pack,” A 30-Rack Of Your Two Favorite Garage Beers

Busch Beer

Could it be?

When you think of the two brands of beers that got you through college when you only had $25 to your name, what were they?

I’d bet the house it was Natural Light and Busch Light, only the highest quality cheap beers.

I mean c’mon, you used to be able to get those 30-racks for about $15 a piece a couple years back before America inflated like a balloon. Good times, good times…

With that being said, the two brands have come together to unveil either the most glorious thing I’ve ever laid my eyes upon, or the sickest joke you could possibly imagine…

A 30-pack combo of Natty Light and Busch Light.

Dubbed the “BFF Pack,” it’s a combination that will take you straight back to Friday night country concerts and Saturday tailgates (although I’m sure a lot of those times we’d like to forget, or we don’t remember at all).

I’m about 98% certain that this is just a sick prank, but hey, I’m still holding onto that 2% for dear life.

And who knows… this wouldn’t be the first time Busch has yanked our chain…  but then delivered. Remember when Busch Lattes were just a joke?

Stay tuned…

I ain’t mad at it…

Busch Beer

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