Two Canada Lynx Screaming At Each Other Is the Craziest Thing You’ll See Today

Nature is crazy.

Just when you think you’ve seen enough episode of Planet Earth or National Geographic to have an of what’s going on, nature goes ahead and blows your mind.

Thankfully today, everyone has cellphones on them so we all get to enjoy way more of these interactions.

Typically, Lynx are animals that roam the woods alone, an elusive predator that just looks so cool.

And at the end of the day they are just wild cats, and they have so many similarities, that it’s borderline funny.

Lynx usually don’t go around one another, except for mating season of course. During this time, they are known to get a little bit vocal trying to court each other.

However, that doesn’t really seem to be the case in this video. They don’t seem like they’re about to get all snuggled up.

It looks more like a dispute of sorts. From the body language to the tone of their voices, it just doesn’t seem like mating.

The video shows two Lynx standing face to face both letting out the angriest meows you’ve ever heard. Going back and forth, they almost sounds like two drunk girls screaming at each other in a Taco Bell at three in the morning.

The pair continue to scream at each other as they ignore the people taking the video, a clear sign they’re mad because they don’t often hang around this close to people.

One theory for the argument is a territory dispute. They don’t like to overlap to much because they all have the same diet and an area can only support so many. Along with the fact that they are lone survivors…

According to the Nicole Lewis, who captured the video, these kitties were spotted near Avery Lake in Ontario, Canada, close to the Michigan border:

“Lynxes are rarely spotted in Michigan but they are very common in the Dinorwic Region of Ontario, close to where Lewis spotted these two.

Although it remains unclear exactly what the two lynxes were doing, as they are normally solitary animals, the interaction most likely had to do with claiming territory.”

Either way, whatever the case may be I’m glad this was caught on video… what an absolutely wild exchange.

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