GoFundMe Quickly Shuts Down “Justice For Amber Heard” Fundraiser Attempting To Raise $1 Million To Help Pay Johnny Depp

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Guess Amber Heard is going to have to find another way to come up with that $8.3 million she owes Johnny Depp.

As you probably know by now, a jury awarded Depp $15 million from his ex-wife Heard this week after he sued her for defamation over an editorial she wrote in the Washington Post accusing him of domestic abuse.

But Depp won’t end up pocketing the full $15 million: The jury also found that Depp’s former lawyer defamed Heard when he called the allegations a “hoax,” and awarded her $2 million. And the judge reduced the jury’s award to Depp to only $10,350,000 because punitive damages are capped by law in Virginia where the trial took place.

So long story short, Amber Heard owes Depp somewhere around $8.3 million.

Now, Heard’s lawyers have already said that she doesn’t have the money to pay Depp, and that she plans to appeal the jury’s verdict:

So where’s Heard gonna get the money to pay off the massive legal bill to her ex-husband?

Surely she’s still got some of that Aquaman money coming in. And she may even still be getting some royalties from the country music videos she’s been in, like Kenny Chesney’s “There Goes My Life” and Brooks & Dunn’s “Red Dirt Road.”

There’s also a Las Vegas establishment that’s trying to reach out to Amber to help her earn some extra cash…

But wherever the money comes from, she ain’t gonna get it from GoFundMe.

After the verdict, a “Justice for Amber Heard” fundraiser popped up claiming to be raising money to help Heard pay off the judgment to Depp.

According to the organizer:

“The trial was a disgrace. I believe Amber and social media protected the abuser. The judgment exceeds her net worth. It’s so sad that he was able to get away with the abuse. The judgment furthers that abuse.

If you can please help her. She will have the direct access to the money. I also contacted her attorney so they can loop her in.”

But according to a representative for GoFundMe, it was determined that neither Amber nor her attorneys were involved in the fundraiser, and the platform quickly pulled the campaign from its website.

Guess it’s back to the drawing board to raise that $8.3 million.

Johnny Depp Cracks Up Recalling The Time His Ex-Wife Amber Heard Took A Sh*t In Their Bed: “So Grotesque, That I Could Only Laugh”

Depp made some wild claims about his former wife as he testified during the six-week long trial.

But one of the wildest claims?

She took a shit on his side of the bed at their home.

As the story goes, Depp and Heard got into a fight at her place because he was late to dinner, which resulted in her punching him in the face multiple times. He told her he was leaving her and he eventually left for his own home. The next day, Heard was off to Coachella and Depp wanted to come back and get his personal things when the housekeeper sent him a picture of the deuce Heard left on his side of the bed.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a good time to come over…

When he testified, he was asked about a past picture she had sent him.

He couldn’t help but laugh during his testimony:

“It was a photograph of the bed, our bed, and on my side of the bed, was human fecal matter… so I understood why it wasn’t a good time to go down there.

My initial response to that, was, I mean I laughed…. It was so outside, it was so bizarre, and so grotesque, that I could only laugh.

And so I did not go down there that day.”

I just hope to God that he never slept in that bed ever again… taking a shit in the bed is some next level insanity.

Good Lord…

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