Drew Parker Drops Toe-Tapping New Single, “Little Miss Saturday Night”

Jason Myers

Drew Parker is quickly making a name for himself as a top singer/songwriter in Nashville. He’s co-written a number of songs on Luke Combs’  What You See Is What You Get album, including number one hits “1, 2 Many” and “Forever After All,” and also co-wrote “Homemade” by Jake Owen.

But the Georgia native has also put out some kickass songs of his own as well, and he’s added to his arsenal again today with his brand new single, “Little Miss Saturday Night.”

Written by Matt Jenkins, Josh Osborne, and Andrew DeRoberts, the song brings a good ol’ ’90s country feel, and is the ideal song to kick off a weekend.

Parker weighed in on songwriting, and how he came across “Little Miss Saturday Night” while searching for songs written by some of the best songwriters Nashville has to offer:

“If you know anything about me, you know that I love writing songs. Having other artists believe in songs that I’ve co-written enough to record them is one of my greatest accomplishment.

I’ve always respected the songwriters in Nashville and have looked up to many of them for so long, so when it came time for me to talk about recording new music, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out.

I asked my team to find outside songs to consider cutting, listened to about 400 songs in two days and came across “Little Miss Saturday Night”! I knew the minute I heard it that I was going to record it. It made me think of every song I listened to growing up.

The lyrics, the melody, everything about it was what I was looking for. Thanks to Josh Osborne, Matt Jenkins and Andrew DeRoberts for letting me record this song.”

“Little Miss Saturday Night” follows “Raised Up Right,” the perfect song about respecting your roots, and how they built you into the person you are today.

Give it a listen:

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