Dolly Parton Says A Potato Chip-Only Diet Helps Her Voice When Recording: “The Salt Is Good For My Vocal Cords”

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Dolly Parton is not afraid to eat whatever the hell she wants.

Word on the street is that she’s a fantastic cook, and usually prefers to whip up some of her southern favorites at home, but when she’s recording music, it’s a whole different story.

She recently told Insider that when she’s in the studio, she opts for a potato chip-only diet because it’s apparently good for the vocal cords:

“If I’m recording, I just eat potato chips. Because the salt is good for my vocal cords. I can sing all day just doing that.”

It’s a trade secret of sorts, and the grease and salt from the chips supposedly helps coat the throat to get the perfect pitch.

And the Tennessee native famously wrote two of her most iconic hits, “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You,” on the same day, and she still remembers exactly where she wrote them at the first house her and husband, Carl Dean, owned:

“When I wrote those songs, I remember just sitting in the corner of this couch by this fireplace that was in the first house that Carl and I ever owned.

We lived there for a few years before we built our current home. I just remember that den having so much atmosphere to write.

There was just something about that fireplace, the coziness, and that corner. The one corner of the couch where I was always sitting with my feet up, writing and singing my songs.” 

She went on to say that, when she’s writing a lot or in a really creative space, she doesn’t really eat much:

“I don’t remember eating anything on those days! ‘Cause when I write, when I really am serious writing, I don’t eat much.” 

But if she did eat that day after she was done with her songs, she guesses it was probably something delicious and loaded with carbs:

“I would imagine after I did, I’d probably eat something like a big ol’ bowl of mashed potatoes, mac and cheese — something filling and satisfying.”

Dolly is my kinda girl…

And speaking of good food, she recently helped bring back the Taco Bell fan-favorite Mexican pizza, and she’s even teaming up with the fast food chain for a TikTok musical to celebrate the return of the beloved menu item on May 26th.

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