Wade Bowen Breaks Down The Difference Between Being A “Texas Artist” And An “Artist From Texas”

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Wade Bowen is here to set the record straight.

The Texas country superstar recently sat down on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast to talk everything from the ideal dive bar, to Eric Church canceling his show because of the UNC/Duke March Madness game, playing with Miranda Lambert, Texas Rangers baseball, the Hold My Beer project with Randy Rogers, and much more.

But one of the most fascinating parts of the conversation came when he broke down the difference between being a “Texas artist” and an artist from Texas.

Of course, if you’ve been following Whiskey Riff for any length of time, then you know how much great music is coming from the lone star state, from artists like Koe Wetzel, to Whiskey Myers, and everything in between.

Wade noted that it’s really become a genre of its own:

“I think, you know, Texas music has become almost a genre, you know, for its own thing, right? I mean, Red Dirt, Texas, they still haven’t classified what the actual name is yet.

But I think its become its own genre, and I love that, it’s great. It’s been a huge part of my career, but also, I’ve played Chicago, I’ve played Europe, other places that don’t necessarily wanna see Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas all the time, you know?

They wanna hear different characters, different stories and different things…”

And probably the best example of that comes from Texas native and country music superstar Miranda Lambert, who has managed to stay at the forefront of mainstream country music for the last 15 years while also staying true to her home state:

“Even Miranda, for example, she’s an artist from Texas, but her music is universal.

I think there’s Texas music that is very Texas and it is its greatest strength, and it makes it beautiful and amazing. And then I think there’s music from Texas that can be more universal and heard all over.”

Wade also explained that some fans outside of Texas may not fully understand the state pride Texans have, and he wants to be able to relate to people from all over the world through his music, as opposed to cornering himself and his brand into such a specific, niche place:

“I get complaints all the time of people outside of Texas going ‘Man, what is it with you guys and your damn state? Why do you have so much pride? Why do you always talk about it? Why is it always Texas, Texas, Texas?’

So, it’s just a little bit of that, just hey, look I’m not trying to just wave the lone star flag everywhere I go.

Everywhere I go, I want people to feel like it’s apart of their journey, not just Texas.”

There ya have it, folks… you can watch Wade explain it himself here:

He also announced his forthcoming album, Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth, during the podcast that’s slated to drop on August 12th.

There’s plenty more where all of that came from, too, so make sure you check out the whole episode with Wade here:


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