Garth Brooks Playing “Callin’ Baton Rouge” At Notre Dame Just Months After Coach Brian Kelly Left For LSU Is Hilarious

Garth Brooks country music

Ol’ Garth Brooks did a no no in South Bend, Indiana this past Saturday night.

Playing his second show at Notre Dame Stadium, he may have made the worst song choice for his setlist in his extensive career…

By choosing to play “Callin’ Baton Rouge.”

Okay, okay, I know it’s one of his many hits, and you probably HAVE to play it for the fans there who don’t give a shit about college football, but ya gotta think about the awkward situation.

Notre Dame’s longtime head football coach Brian Kelly basically upped and left South Bend without much warning, to head down to da bayou in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and take the head coaching job at LSU.

Needless to say, Fighting Irish fans are about as rabid as they come when it comes to college football fanbases, and they’ve probably already disposed of anything they owned that indicates Kelly was once their head coach, leaving no trace of his existence.

So, you could probably say Garth playing “Callin’ Baton Rouge” on Notre Dame’s home turf was a little salt in the wound to the 77,000 plus fans that were there, who are more than likely still trying to erase their memory of what used to be.

Either way, I find it absolutely hilarious.

Sounds like the crowd didn’t mind it though…

Meanwhile, Garth registered a small earthquake in Baton Rouge when he played the song at LSU’s Death Valley a week ago.

Packing out the stadium to full capacity with 102,321 rabid fans (and it ain’t a secret that LSU fans are as rowdy as they come), it’s easy to see that Louisiana natives were dying for the opportunity to watch Brooks play at their beloved stadium, and to hear him play their unofficial anthem.

It was one of the largest ticketed concert crowds in American history.

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