Marshawn Lynch Did Donuts in a Zamboni So Enjoy This List Of Other Things I Can’t Stop Watching Beast Mode Experience

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Marshawn Lynch is a national treasure.

Watching him experience new things is a personal pastime of mine that dates back to when he drove a cart around the field in college after his California Golden Bears won the 2006 Holiday Bowl over Texas A&M.

And this week, Money Lynch took his talents (and money) to the ice when he announced his new ownership stake in the Seattle Kraken NHL franchise and did donuts in the Zamboni to celebrate.

Because of course he would.

In the words of Beast Mode himself, “They should have known not to put me behind nothin’ with a steering wheel.”

Lynch hasn’t played in the NFL since 2019 when he appeared in one game with the Seattle Seahawks, and that’s a shame because I enjoy every opportunity that I get to watch him live his life in the public eye. Beast Mode leans into his authentic and highly entertaining self in every circumstance. And when he does that in unexpected places, it’s must-see TV.

In honor of Marshawn’s NHL ownership play and his Zamboni ride back into my consciousness, here is a list of highlights for your YouTube rabbit hole that I like to call “Watching Beast Mode Do Surprising Things.”

Marshawn Lynch’s Special Relationship with Skittles

While in his prime with the Seahawks, Lynch was spotted scarfing down Skittles on the sidelines during a game. His mid-game diet turned into a phenomenon. Seahawks fans started raining Skittles from the sky after Lynch touchdowns, leading to some amazing, slow motion footage of Seahawks players “tasting” the rainbow” courtesy of some fans with Pro Bowl-caliber accuracy when throwing a bag of Skittles.

“I’m just here so I don’t get fined” Interview Marathon

The famously introverted Lynch refused to give interviews near the end of the 2014/15 season for fear of the media using his words against him, leading to a handful of large fines. During Media Day ahead of Super Bowl XLIX between the Seahawks and New England Patriots, Lynch made his appearance, as required. But he patiently responded “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” to every question asked of him. It’s both uncomfortable and wonderful to watch this go down.

Marshawn Plays “Mortal Kombat X” with Rob Gronkowski on Conan

Ahead of that same Super Bowl, Conan brought Lynch and America’s Favorite Partier, Rob Gronkowski, together to play Mortal Kombat against each other. Lynch stole the show with his animated, authentic commentary and oddly sexual demonstration of the “button mashing” technique. Beast Mode is comedic gold just being himself.

Marshawn Guest Stars on an Episode of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”

In my opinion, this is the pinnacle of “Watching Beast Mode Do Surprising Things.” Marshawn had never been camping before. So, his first exposure to sleeping outside is with survivalist Bear Grylls whose goal is to make conditions as uncomfortable as possible for him. What could go wrong?

Marshawn Lynch Brings the Heat to a Senior Living Community

Lynch parlayed his famous Skittles affection for some sponsorship dollars, and this extended ad for spicy Skittles is worth a watch. Marshawn drives golf carts through a senior living community, power walks with the ladies, and gets owned in a round of pickle ball, a sport that is harder to play than it looks, according to a friend of mine….

And that only scratches the surface for the joy you can experience watching footage of Marshawn Lynch living his life. And if you’re wondering why I’m so obsessed with Beast Mode, it’s because I’m a star-eyed Cal alum, just like him.

Thanks for askin’.


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