California Woman Rescued From Toilet At Olympic National Forest After Chasing Phone That Fell In

Two men standing in front of a wooden structure in a forest

Talk about a rather shitty situation to be in (sorry, I had to).

I mean, this can’t be real…

But unfortunately, Fox 10 says that this happened.

The woman, who was not named, told rescuers she dropped her phone down into the vault toilet at Mount Walker in Olympic National Forest (Quilcene, Washington) while she was using that bathroom. Thankfully, her first move was not to dive on in. Instead she thought it was time to be a plumber and take apart the toilet.

That didn’t work…

The she tried fishing through sewage to with her dogs’ leash to get the phone. No luck, again.

So, here comes the brilliant idea. She decided to use the dogs leash as a tool to hold her while she lowered herself down.

You brave, brave soul…

Obviously, the leash couldn’t support all that weight, snapped, and sent the woman head first into the pit of shit.

Disgusting, absolutely disgusting…

And here’s the kicker… she found the phone, and thankfully it still worked because she used it to call 911 to get her out of the literal shithole.

Two fire crews came and build a platform for her to stand on. They safely used ropes to pull her up out of the hole. They hosed her down and gave her a hazmat suit to wear.

Good call…

The Brinnon Fire Deptarment didn’t say much, just that the woman is lucky and that she needs to get checked out.

“The patient was extremely fortunate not to be overcome by toxic gases or sustain injury”

Now, I’ve seen a lot of dumb stuff happen at national parks, but regardless of the explanation this has to top it.

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