Country Music Unpopular Opinions: The Good, The Bad, & The WTF?

Luke Combs country music

We all have those unpopular opinions that nobody else in the room will agree with.

Ya know, the “I’ll die on this hill” kind of hot take you make at 3 AM with the few of your buddies who haven’t passed out yet after obliterating a case of beer. Next thing you know you find yourself in a screaming match with ol’ Cletus in the corner of the room for saying the Turnpike Troubadours are overrated or that Luke Combs sucks.

We here at Whiskey Riff decided to stir the pot a little and get the people talking, asking to drop y’all’s unpopular music opinions.

I’ll admit, there are a number of them that I strongly agree with…

However, there are some that have left me scratching my head, to say the least. And others just put me in a fightin’ rage.

Nevertheless, as they say, opinions are like assholes and we welcome all opinions, critiques and take, no matter how ridiculous they may be.

Let’s take a look at some of the wildest hot takes sent in…

There was plenty of hate for artists like Luke Combs, Cody Johnson, Koe Wetzel, and even Chris Stapleton:

“Luke Combs sucks.”

“Cody Johnson has the same sound as every other country music artist, don’t get the hype.”

“Koe Wetzel is mid at best. His music is just overproduced punk rock. People just like him cuz of the character.”

“Chris Stapleton sucks.”

“Chris Stapleton completely butchered Tennessee Whiskey.”

“Don’t understand the COJO hype, FGL has a lot of bangers even if they aren’t country, and Sam Hunt is an amazing songwriter even if his music isn’t particularly country”

Some defense of really bad pop country:

“FGL made some bangers.”

“‘Where the Country Girls At’ is actually a great song.”

“Dustin Lynch ain’t that bad.”

Some that make you go “what the fuck are you smoking?”

“I don’t really like the Turnpike Troubadours and don’t understand the hype”

“Zach Bryan songs put me to sleep”

“Nashville music, is better than Texas music.”

“Ryan Bingham is an abomination to music”

“Most of the Texas country charts is just pop country with an accent.”

And more…

“The TV show Yellowstone has done more for country music in 4 years than Nashville has in 15 years.”

“The older the Jinks album, the better.”

“Carrie Underwood 10000% makes my ears bleed with her screechy voice”

“Alan Jackson is debatably better than Strait.”

“Female country artists all sound whiny and have all become pop singers”

“Kip Moore has the best voice in country music.”

“Eric Church is barely country music. And that’s a shame.”

“Johnny Cash is slightly overrated.”

“Even if you hate pop country (I do) Keith Urban deserves respect as one of the most talented instrumentalists in country.”

“All of Whiskey Myers music sounds the same.”

“Morgan Wallen is truly amazing, BUT I cannot stand the hype. Even if it has true merit, it’s so annoying.”

“Keith Whitley would have been one of the biggest artists in the 90s if he didn’t die in 89.”

“Parker McCollum wouldn’t be as popular if he wasn’t attractive.”

“Live albums are better than studio albums.”

“Brad Paisley hasn’t had a good song since Whiskey Lullaby… and Alison Krauss carried him on that one.”

“Most of the Dangerous album is mid.”

“Joshua Ray Walker is way underrated.”

“George Jones is the real King George.”

“Charley Crockett and his aww shucks cowboy shtick is super phony. Dude deletes comments on his social media from people who call him out.”

And of course… the hottest take of them all…

“What I’m learning is we all secretly like Nickelback.”

Nickelback slaps…

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