Chase Elliott’s Crew Chief After Cody Ware Tried To Wreck Him At Bristol: “Who Is That F*cking Idiot?

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Chase Elliott and… checks notes… Cody Ware, the beef we didn’t know we needed.

We knew the Food City Dirt Race at Bristol this past weekend was gonna bring some fireworks, but who knew the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series champ Chase Elliott would be hatching a rivalry with none other than Cody Ware.

We all saw Kyle Busch “back into a win” after Chase Briscoe took out Tyler Reddick on the final turn of the last lap, but Cody Ware ramming into the back of Chase Elliott might have been the highlight of the night for me.

Not really because of what happened, but because of Chase’s crew chief’s response.

On lap 162 Elliott bumped the back of Cody Ware, setting off a five-car wreck that brought the caution out. So then on the caution, Ware (who got the free pass) came around behind Elliott and rammed into the back of the #9 car… twice.

In hilarious Conor McGregor fashion, Chase’s crew chief Alan Gustafson got on the radio with an old fashioned, who the fuck is that guy?

It went a little something like this:

‘Who is that fucking idiot in that car… Jesus Christ. Who is that idiot… who is that guy?”

“Umm… Cody Ware”

“He’s a fucking moron, he’s been in the fucking way… if he cuts our tire I’m gonna whip his ass.”

“Better get ready to whip his ass because he’s trying to.”

And on Cody’s side, one of his team members tells him to calm down:

“Stop Cody, stop, you’re ahead of him.”

To which, Cody replies:

“Tired of getting bullied by all these guys”

And then this head scratcher:

“Yeah man, copy that, he’s mad because he had nothing for you. He ain’t gonna get by you.”

Sorry dude, but Cody Ware couldn’t carry Chase Elliott’s jock strap. Nothing for you? If Cody’s last name wasn’t Ware he wouldn’t even be on the track…

Anyways, it reminds you of that UFC 205 press conference when Jeremy Stephens said he was the hardest hitting 145 pounder and Conor McGregor famously said:

“Who the fook is that guy?”

Or that epic elevator scene from Mad Men when Don goes nuclear on the hippie who cut his own nipple off.

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