Animal Rights Activist Attempts To Glue Herself To The Court During Timberwolves-Clippers NBA Game

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These people are nuts.

Even as an animal lover myself, I think we can all agree that the animal rights people, groups like PETA and whatnot, are a different shade of crazy.

From this guy almost losing his head after locking himself to some duck farm machinery to coming up with fake clothing lines made of human skin or barbecuing fake dogs in public, they just always seem to find a way to turn everybody off from their cause.

And I don’t think they won over any basketball fans with this latest stunt.

At last night’s NBA game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Clippers, an animal rights activist briefly caused an interruption in the game after trying to glue herself to the basketball court.

Because that makes sense…

The woman was later identified as Alicia Santurio, who claimed that she was protesting over the conditions at an egg farm owned by Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor. Santurio, who the internet quickly dubbed “glue girl,” was also wearing a shirt that said “Glen Taylor Roasts Animals Alive.”

Well Santurio was quickly escorted out of the arena, though it doesn’t appear that she was arrested because she was broadcasting on Twitter shortly after the stunt.

A press release from activist group Direct Action Everywhere claimed that Santurio was one of their members, and claimed the protest was in response to Taylor’s farm having to kill millions of chickens as a result of a bird flu outbreak.

Gonna guess she didn’t win over many fans at the game – although the brief delay did manage to shift the momentum of the game in the Timberwolves favor, coming back from an 8 point deficit to lead by 2 going into halftime before ultimately winning the game 109-104.

Maybe Glue Girl did make a difference after all.

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