PETA Decided To Barbecue A Fake Dog In Public Because Of Course They Did

A person holding a large piece of meat on a grill

PETA is shit. We know that.

Stuff like this just takes it to another level. In Sydney, they decided to barbecue a very life-like dog, in public, to freak people the fuck out with the message of…

“If You Wouldn’t Eat A Dog, Why Eat A Lamb?”

Well, where do I start. First,  I was brought up (luckily) being taught steaks and chops don’t grow on trees. They come from a living, breathing, beautiful animal, and you better respect the hell out of that. And I do. Fuck factory farming, also.

As for their message, let’s start with this:

1. Lamb is delicious.

2. My dog is my best friend.

3. I’m not going to eat my best friend.

Case closed. That about does it ya dumb fucks. Their display of course scared the bejeezus out of little kids, too. Hopefully those kids had a burger later.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock