‘Yellowstone’s’ Luke Grimes And Jefferson White Discuss The Never-Ending Secrets Of Taylor Sheridan

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If there’s one thing for certain about Yellowstone, it’s that Taylor Sheridan knows how to keep us on the edge of our seats with wild unpredictability, and giving certain things in the show a symbolic meaning, and the meaning doesn’t come to fruition until later in the show.

And if you think it’s just us that are left in the dark, guess again.

In fact, sometimes the actors don’t even know what certain aspects of the show mean until later in filming, according to Deadline.

Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton, discussed the secrets of Sheridan on Yellowstone:

“I should know a lot more when I read some of season five scripts. I didn’t know what that wolf was about. But I don’t ask Taylor. It’s fun to go on the ride like everybody else.

He knows where the show is going and how it ends but he’s not going to tell us. That’s the joy. I get to go on the ride, too. I’m curious to see where he goes, and whether that experiences change him in any way.”

Grimes also added the PTSD Kayce suffers from, which we really get to see in Season 4:

“He’s dealing with major PTSD from the stuff he had to do which you finally get a little taste of that end of Season 4. This guy has had to see a lot of things that most people never see. He’s got a big heart, he loves his family and unfortunately he was forced to do some things he’s not proud of.

Michael Corleone is a reference we talked about in Season 1. Casey is between a rock and a hard place. He has loyalty to his family and the legacy there. It’s something he could lead but he’s constantly having to amend that decision. As the seasons go on he has to pick a side.”

Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy on the show, also weighed in on his lack of prior knowledge to the cowboy lifestyle before joining the cast of Yellowstone, and how Taylor Sheridan gives the Bunkhouse a little more free reign when it comes to delivering lines.

He admits that Sheridan lets them improvise a little bit when it comes to the dialogue of those specific scenes:

“We get to riff and depart from the script. He knows how to take that improvisation and shape it on the day and in the editing room to create atmosphere he was writing toward.”

Luke Grimes On Kayce Dutton’s Love Triangle

“God wouldn’t let you love something that can’t love you back.”

Sorry Kayce, but that sounds like some Grade-A bullshit…

Towards the end of Yellowstone Season 4, we started to see all the makings of a love triangle brewing between Kayce and his wife Monica (Kelsey Asbille), and Avery (Tanaya Beatty).

Of course, it’s something that has been building over the course of the show, as Avery used to be a rancher that was a little flirty with Kayce, and Monica never liked it.

But in Season 4, when Kayce had to investigate some stolen horses out at the Reservation, that property just so happened to be where Avery was staying. And she let Kayce know exactly how she feels, confessing her love for him.

Kayce gives her that bullshit line, but it seems to set the table for more complicated problems in the near future. There’s no doubt that things with Monica and Kayce have been rough lately, and it’s always easier to make bad decisions when they fall right into your lap.

Not to mention, Kayce’s vision quest ended with Kayce telling Monica, “I saw the end of us.”

Needless to say, this storyline is far from over. And while Tanaya wasn’t about to spill the beans, she promises it’ll be interesting in Season 5:

“Anything can happen, I don’t know… but I know it’s gonna be interesting.”

Only time will tell…

Goodbye Monica Dutton

But… a love triangle might be a good thing as fans seem to be over Monica’s character. In a recent Instagram post from Kevin Costner, fans shared what they want to see in Season 5, and they want her gone.

The wife of Kayce Dutton, and mother to John’s grandson Tate, Monica (Kelsey Asbille) is public enemy number one in the Yellowstone world.

As far as Season 5 goes, a number of fans wanted to see Kayce leave her, and some cases, even wanted to see her dead.

“For Kayce’s wife to get shipped away forever.”

“A single Kayce to move back to the ranch

“I want Kayce to leave Monica.”

“Hopefully Monica moves far away and Kayce finds a real woman… not a ‘poor me’ victim.”

“Monica dies ! I’ve had enough of her now.”

Gee, tell me how you really feel…

Season 5 is set to start filming in may, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for the entire Yellowstone soundtrack, complete through every episode of Season 4, then look no further.

Our Yellowstone: The Soundtrack Playlist, features every song from every episode, updated in real time, every Sunday night.


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