Atlanta Braves Star Ronald Acuna Denies Saying That He “Won’t Miss Freddie Freeman” On IG Live (He Totally Did Though)

Atlanta Braves
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Opening Day is HERE.

Major League Baseball is back, the Atlanta Braves are looking to defend their world Series, and before we even get the first pitch, beef is already brewing.

For the past few years, there have been two major faces of Atlanta Braves baseball…

First baseman Freddie Freeman, and outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr.

Both players played a massive part in their impressive World Series run last year, even though Acuna went down with a torn ACL midway through the season.

With that being said, Freeman ended his 12-year-career with the Braves this past offseason as they couldn’t reach a deal, and the first baseman is now a Los Angeles Dodger (like they aren’t already stacked enough).

If you don’t know much about Freeman, there’s one thing for certain from the exterior…

He’s one of the good guys of baseball.

He’s a huge family man who devoted practically his whole career to one organization, even though the majority of those seasons were God awful for the Braves. Not to mention, there’s not a player in the league who has one bad thing to say about the guy…

Except for one, and that’s no other than Acuna himself.

Acuna went on Instagram Live last night, and speaking in Spanish, he allegedly said the the following about Freddie:

My first thought was “there’s no way, this has to be fake.”

However, there’s a number of Spanish speaking people who’ve commented, saying that’s exactly what the star outfielder said:

On the other hand, Acuna responded to  the tweet, denying that he made any of the comments:

Regardless if the comments are 100% accurate or not, the Braves and Dodgers are quickly becoming intense rivals, as they’re regarded as two of the best National League teams at the moment.

But even if you don’t know a lick of Spanish… I think we all know what “nada” means…

It’ll be interesting to see when these two meet in the upcoming season.

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