Chevy Donates Brand New Truck To 16-Year-Old Who Survived Driving Through Texas Tornado

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Remember the viral video of the kid from Elgin, Texas, who drove his red Chevy truck straight through a massive tornado last week?

Well if you missed it, the kid, who has now been identified as 16-year-old Riley Leon, had his truck spun onto its side a few times, and then placed back on four wheels, and casually drove off like his life didn’t flash before his eyes.

And to make things even crazier, Leon was on the way back from a job interview from Whataburger.

With that being said, we’ve now learned of the awesome news that Chevrolet donated a brand new truck to Leon, after his wild, life threatening experience.

After his truck suffered severe damage from the tornado, he told Fox2:

“So it was family. That truck helped me and my dad get to where we are at now.

To see that its gone, it brings a lot of tears to me.”

Well, Chevy heard his message, and came through.

Local Chevy dealer Bruce Lowrie out of Fort Worth donated a brand new, 1500 LT All Star Edition, which typically goes for over $40,000.

Here’s their full statement:

“Chevrolet, together with Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet of Fort Worth, TX, are donating a 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT All Star Edition in cherry red to Riley Leon and his family after he survived a powerful tornado while driving in his Silverado.

We are thankful Riley is safe, commend his driving skills during a frightening situation, and our hearts are with other families in Texas that have been affected by these storms. To help aid the recovery efforts in Texas, Chevy Cares is donating $50,000 to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund.

Due to the quick action of the team at Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet, the new truck will be presented to Riley and his family on Saturday, March 26, at the dealership.”

I’d say it’s the least they could do, considering the viral video has garnered 6.8 million views and has been great exposure for the brand.

Needless to say, ol’ Leon’s gonna have a sweet ride to his new job at Whataburger now.

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