Driver Of Red Chevy That Was Thrown Around By A Tornado Is A 16 Year Old Who Was On His Way Home From Interview At Whataburger

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Remember the wild footage of a red Chevy truck getting caught in the middle of a massive twister in Texas, getting spun around and on its side, to back on four-wheels, and driving away like nothing ever happened?

Well if you didn’t, then you have to check this out.

With that being said, we finally know who the driver of the truck was…

And it was 16-year-old high school junior, Riley Leon from Elgin, Texas.

He told Fox7:

“Seeing the video, I’m like, ‘That’s me in there.’ And I could have not been here, but thank God I am.”

Leon said he was on his way home after interviewing for a job at Whataburger, only 10 minutes from his house, and that’s when things got wild:

“Right when I was going to make the U-turn, that’s when the tornado came and lifted my truck.”

In an effort to keep his family from freaking out, he decided not to tell them everything that had just happened, but when his mother, Elvia Leon Martinez, saw the video, she knew it was his truck.

She said:

“I can’t imagine him being in there and coming out with only scratches on him.”

Riley admitted that he’s still pretty shook up from the wild instance, but is trying to act like it was something he can quickly forget.

He continued:

“Everyone thinks I’m an adult, but, in reality I’m a minor. A 16-year-old that still goes to school.”

As much as I hate to break it to him, I don’t think he’ll ever live this one down.

I can’t wait for this video to be on the next Chevrolet Super Bowl commercial. And he better have gotten that job at Whataburger.

Riley Leon – what a legend.

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