Texas Storm Chaser Captures Chevy Truck Driving Right Through A Massive Tornado, Flipping Over & Back Over, And Then Driving Away

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We’ve seen some wild and terrifying footage of the tornadoes that swept through Oklahoma and Texas yesterday, leaving behind a ton of damage, debris, and even a number of injuries.

Just like the massive tornado that swept through a Walmart parking lot in Round Rock, Texas, with a number of shoppers looking to seek shelter inside the store.

However, this just might be the craziest footage we’ve seen of the massive storm system so far.

Storm Chaser Brian Emfinger posted a video yesterday, of a twister sweeping across an Elgin, Texas, highway literally only a few yards in front of him.

First of all, I just wanna comment on the nuts of steel these Storm Chasers have, because they flirt with death every time a weather phenomenon occurs. More power too ’em… I’d be hiding in the safest place possible.

With that being said, the video Emfinger posted shows the tornado destroying just about everything in its path, from powerlines, to road signs, and everything in between.

However, there’s one specific thing that survives in the wild instance…

A red, Chevy truck can be seen literally driving through the heart of the tornado, flipping on to it’s side, flipping BACK over, and driving off like nothing just happened.

The driver appeared to make it out at the end safe and sound.

Another higher quality view of the truck on its side.

How in the world this person was able to drive their truck through a 200 mph twister, I’ll never understand…

Maybe we all need to be Chevy people now.

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