Kylie Jenner Changes The Name Of Her 7-Week-Old Baby Because She “Really Didn’t Feel Like It Was Him”

Kylie Jenner
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Celebrities, man…

Kylie Jenner, a half-sister of the hard working Kardashian trio and daughter of Caitlyn (formally Bruce) and Kris Jenner, welcomed a baby boy, Wolf Jacques Webster, with boyfriend Travis Scott last month.

He weighed a healthy 8 pounds and 13 ounces, and she posted a series of videos on Instagram stories last week saying that the birth and following weeks with her second child have been much harder than with her daughter, 4-year-old daughter Stormi, who was born in 2018:

“It’s very hard. This experience for me, personally, has been a little harder than with my daughter.”

She also encouraged other mama’s with newborns to take it one day at a time and allow themselves as long as they need to adjust to such a massive life change:

“We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be back, not just physically, mentally after birth. Just sending some love.”

That’s great advice, and all seemed good and well.

But then, she recently revealed that her sons name is no longer Wolf… huh?

She posted another story on Instagram just a couple days ago saying they changed his name because they “didn’t feel like it was him”:

“FYI our sons name isn’t Wolf anymore. We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”

She had initially announced the name herself days after his birth. So it seems like she took him home, spent some time with him, and just realized that wasn’t his name?

I mean, she had nine months to come up with something that she really loved, and I totally get having a couple options at the hospital and then deciding once you actually see his face, but to go home and then decide to go with something totally different after so much time is bizarre.

TMZ reports that the new middle name will still be “Jacques”, which is his father’s birth name. They also say “Wolf Jacques Webster” is already on the birth certificate and legal documents, so there will be a whole legal process to change the name of her 7-week-old infant.

And if the new name is anything like “Wolf”, this could get interesting…

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