Eric Church Is Officially A Part-Owner Of The Green Bay Packers, Thanks To Some Loyal Fans

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Well, that’s a new one…

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the newest shareholder of the Green Bay Packers…  Eric Church.

At a stop at the Resch Complex in Green Bay, Wisconsin for his Gather Again Tour over the weekend, a fan actually presented Eric with the official documents that show his share of the team:


According to loyal Whiskey Riffer, Caitlyn Spencer, it was an idea that her husband and brother-in-law cooked up:

“Eric Church is now an owner of the Green Bay Packers thanks to my husband and brother in law.”

Of course, as soon as he revealed what was in the envelope to the crowd and it was displayed on the big screen, a thundering “Go, Pack, Go!” chant broke out throughout the arena:

The Packers are the only NFL team in the league that is owned by the community, and as opposed to having one sole owner or a small group of owners, the organization is owned by approximately 360,584 stockholders and fans… and Chief is one of them now.

For as many Eric Church concerts as I’ve been to in my life, where fans throw boots, hold up Merle Haggard vinyls and fly Dale Earnhardt flags, this is by far the most unique and creative item I’ve ever seen him receive.

And believe me, if I had a billion dollars to outright buy our home team the Carolina Panthers and give it to Chief to take over, I damn sure would.

And hey, it looks like he’s likely to enjoy a decent first season as a Packers fan now that the team has secured their reigning league MVP Aaron Rodgers for at least four years, as they recently agreed upon a $150 million deal that made him the highest paid player in NFL history.

Maybe Chief and Aaron Rodgers can get together for a little jam session… and sing. you know… anything but “Wagon Wheel.”

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