Kyle Busch Delivers Most Kyle Busch Interview Ever After Wrecking At The Folds Of Honor QuikTrip 500 In Atlanta

Kyle Busch NASCAR

Gotta love Kyle Busch.

Love him or hate him, week in and week out, he’s always good for an incredible soundbite.

Whether he’s cussing someone out on the radio, ranting in the post race interview, and even if he’s in a good mood, it’s always hilarious.

He recently went viral for ripping Alex Bowman as:

“The same fucking guy who backs into every fucking win that he ever fucking gets backs into another fucking win. Bullshit!”

Of course, Bowman won the race and started selling shirts with 18% (Kyle Busch’s number) going to charity.

But today in Atlanta, for the Cup Series Folds Of Honor QuikTrip 500, it was CHAOS.

The track is still only a mile and a half, but with the new banking and added width, it races like a superspeedway. More drivers were involved in wrecks than at Daytona and we saw a TON of lead changes.

Needless to say, it made for some damn entertaining NASCAR racing.

But… not for Kyle Busch.

During Stage 1, Kyle Busch got up on Austin Dillon’s bumper coming out of Turn 4, Dillon spun out and they both wrecked. His day was over and one again, he delivered another signature Kyle Busch interview:


Pissed off Kyle Busch is my favorite Kyle Busch.

That being said, William Byron took the checkered flag today, with Ross Chastain snagging second, and Kyle’s brother Kurt Busch taking third.

Next week, we’re on to Texas for the EchoPark Automotive Texas Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas.

Kyle Busch Losing M&M’s Sponsor After 15 Years

I think I can speak for everybody when I say that it’s not gonna be the same seeing Kyle Busch in iconic M&M car and fire suit.

And why do I say that, you may ask?

Because he’s officially losing M&M’s as a sponsor after 2022.

According to FOX Business, Busch’s M&M’s deal is coming to a close, and leaving NASCAR all together in 2022, after a 15 year run.

Busch said in a social media post:

“It’s hard to put into words the appreciation I have for the Mars family, their associates and their brands that have supported me since 2008.

On the track we’ve won 55 races and 2 championships together. But off the track we’ve built friendships that will live way beyond 2022.

The Mars family has always accepted me for who I am and I’ll always be thankful for that. Here’s to many more trips to victory lane in 2022!”

Busch won the NASCAR Cup Series twice in 2015 and 2019, and competed in last season’s final at Phoenix.

The Mars family had informed Joe Gibbs Racing this summer that this would be their last stint in order to give them time to find a replacement for Busch. According to Joe Gibbs Racing President Dave Alpern, the end of the partnerships is a result of Mars looking to try some new things:

“[The company] wants to try some new things, and no matter how big a brand is, they have a finite budget, so when you want to try something new, it has to come from somewhere else.”

According to Forbes, the most recent contract signed back in 2019 was $20 million a year.

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