Pillow Wildlife Mounts – Your Next Need For The Trophy Collection

I love change. Although sometimes it’s tough, ultimately change drives new inventions and ideas.

A modern idea can lead to some pretty cool things.

Like the soft pillow mount that was brought up on MeatEater.

Traditionally, mounts are hard and solid. Taking the form of the full body or the front shoulders and up, but purely solid always due to the foam forms placed on the inside.

However, there is a new product on the market and if you like mounting your animals then you will be in love with this.

The pillow mount comes from Hayes Taxidermy, and these pillows are absolutely incredible.

When I first caught glimpse online I really thought it was a live animal. The pillow mount was brought to the public’s attention after Clay Newcombe mentioned it, he had a Coyote pillow.

The attention made Hayes Taxidermy do a follow up video showing the great work, along with an additional wolf that had been completed as well.

“In the video you can see the size difference between the coyote pillow mount compared to our wolf pillow mounts!

The process for the wolf is the same as the coyote just on a much larger scale.

Give us a call or message us if you would like to purchase a pillow”

So far just Coyote and Wolves have been completed. It fits perfectly for dog mounts, but I do hope to see more variety come out of this idea.

These are just so realistic and so easy to set on display compared to solid one. Easy to place in any room when you can change the shape. It even can sit right on the couch with you, that’s a decoration I approve of.

It’s an easy thing to get behind as a hunter, especially when they look like this.

Taxidermy is the ultimate respect for the animals we hunt. It’s a way to remember the great moments of the hunt and cherish them forever. Every time we see them it brings back instant memories of the exact place and time.

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