William Clark Green Drops Spooky Title Track And New Music Video For Upcoming Album, ‘Baker Hotel’

William Clark Green is getting spooky with this one.

He’s gearing up to release his sixth studio album, Baker Hotel, in just a couple weeks on March 25th. He previously put out the rockin’ lead single, “All You Got”, that was our first taste of the direction of the sound we might get on the whole record.

At least, that’s what I thought… until I heard the title track he dropped today, “Baker Hotel,” along with a music video. It’s more like a 7-minute mini-movie, where three boys out trick-or-treating on Halloween decide one of them needs to try to make it to the top of the hotel after a dare.

It was all shot in the town of Mineral Wells, Texas, at the real life hotel the song is named for, which was originally opened in 1929 after residents of the town wanted to capitalize on the success of the mineral water craze going on at the time.

After some hard years, the hotel closed its doors in 1963. Aside from a few years in the late ’60s when other investors tried to revitalize the building, it has remained permanently closed since 1972.

The hotel has been featured on several ghost-hunting shows in the past, and in 2019, was purchased by an investor who plans to renovate and reopen it in 2024.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a spookier country song in my life, and it’s cool to see all the inspiration he took from the haunted hotel come to life in such a creative, well-done, high quality music video. We need more like this in the genre.

One of the comments on the video summed it up best:

“Tower of Terror meets the Ghost of Suite 613.”

I don’t really know what to make of exactly he’s taking us with this project, but I’m extremely intrigued after this and I can’t wait to see what else WCG has up his sleeve…

The last line on the video says “to be continued,” so I’m sure this is just the beginning. We’ve waited four long years for new stuff from him, but I think it will all be worth it very soon.

You’re probably gonna wanna watch this more than once:

“All You Got”

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