Predator Games: Keeping Predator Populations at Bay

A fox walking in a field

As hunters, we would like to have the greatest number of animals that the area can support as possible. Preferable the species we desire the most, to give us the best chances at harvesting one and better odds at getting a mature one.

Predators are always on a hunter’s radar. Population fluxes in these animals can drastically affect the animals that you want to hunt.

So, when someone says they’re willing to give you prizes for hunting these critters, the only question would be “where can I sign up?”

Alpena News says such an event exists.

Please, tell me more.

The games take place over the course of two weekends and participants are to go after coyote, fox and bobcat, all of which are predators in the local area. Of course, all local regulations are to be followed throughout the event.

The games seem to be taken pretty seriously, creating some good competition with the common goal of helping out favored game species.

“Winning teams take home cash and trophies, but the greatest prize is the exhilaration of the hunt, during which hunters sometimes stay in the woods all day and night in the coldest days of winter”

This was the 5th year these particular games have been held in Northern Michigan, drawing a good crowd from locally and beyond.

“During the second of two Predator Games weekends, the tournament’s 40-some participants harvested at least 21 coyotes, two foxes, and a bobcat between Friday evening and the end of the hunt on Sunday at noon, working the woods in double-digits below-zero temperatures”

Some might wonder why the hunters are so eager to get after these predators. A local participant, Joyce Lyttle-Taylor summed up the reasons simply.

“For every one of these, you’re saving seven fawns,”

“It looks like a massacre, but it’s better than some other options”

I love it… simple answers is all that is needed sometimes. Especially when it comes to the predator debate.

This is the most effective method and there’s not much in questioning it.

The Predator Games isn’t the only competition in the area either.

The Great Lakes Predator Challenge and the Extreme Predator Hunt also exist. Showing farther how these are needed in the area to help out.

Glad these hunters could contribute to benefiting their wildlife populations and have a good time doing it. Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation to get hunters out there after a different animal.

And if hunting can be seen as a beneficial act, get after it.

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