Matthew Stafford Explains Bailing On Fallen Photographer At Super Bowl Celebration: “I Wish I Had A Better Reaction In The Moment”

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We were all left in shock after sports photographer Kelly Smiley fell off the stage at the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl celebration while trying to take a picture of Matthew and Kelly Stafford.

The world was also left confused after the quarterback’s dismissive reaction to the whole thing.

However, we did learn that the Stafford’s and Rams organization covered all of the hospital costs for Smiley after she fractured her spine, while also paying for the cameras that broke after her fall.

With that being said, Matthew and Kelly discussed the situation on Kelly’s “The Morning After” podcast to clear the air.

Kelly began:

“We can’t not talk about what happened. There was a photographer who stepped off the back of the stage… had asked if we wanted a picture and I was like, ‘yes,’ because looking back at my camera roll, I have literally zero of Matthew and I.

When she offered, she stepped back and fell. And it was an awful, awful moment. Matthew looked at me and said, ‘Check her please,’ and turned around.”

She said she then went to check on Smiley, and saw that she appeared to be okay, while also getting her some help.

She continued:

“We followed up with her the moment we got in the car. Matthew actually looked at me and said, ‘hey, will you contact the Rams, ask how she’s doing?’ We did that, they’re like, ‘we think she’s going to be okay.’

We sent her flowers… next day we wake up… not okay.”

Kelly also added that after Smiley revealed that she had fractured her spine, Matthew texted her himself to check in.

Matthew then responded to his confusing reaction to the scary scene:

“Yeah, I mean, that obviously happened really quickly and suddenly and unexpectedly, and I wish I had a better reaction in the moment. One of those things you try to train your reactions to be a little bit better next time.”

He also said he apologized to Smiley.

Needless to say, it appears that there’s no hard feelings on either side, and all is well.

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