Heath Sanders Releases Full-Length Video For His Steamy Viral Hit “Some Other Kind Of Love”

Add this one to the baby-makin’ playlist.

Heath Sanders recently teased a tenderhearted new single, “Some Other Kind Of Love,” on TikTok, and his fans went crazy and blew the song up.

The clip quickly racked up over 700k views, and had fans begging Heath to put this one out.

Well now we’re pumped to be the first to bring you the full version of this incredible song, “Some Other Kind Of Love.”

Co-written by Heath along with Jeremy Bussey, Houston Phillips, Jay Brunswick, “Some Other Kind Of Love” features Heath’s trademark gritty, powerful vocals that turned everybody’s heads in the first place, as he sings about finally falling in love with somebody and realizing that there’s just something different about this one than all those times before:

“I’d settled down, I’d given up
My old heart had had enough
Now you’ve got me wonderin’ what that was
Cause baby this is some other kind of love
So much more than a feelin’

Some other kind of love
It ain’t wanted, girl it’s needed
You can call it fate, call it luck
All I know is we found us
Some other kind of love”

Speaking about the song, Heath said that love is a lot like music, and that both give you that special feeling when you find that person – or that song – that’s different from all the others:

“Seems to me, everyone has their own unique way of expressing love. We all show it differently, we all feel it differently but it’s something each and every one of us share. It’s in our souls….

I think it’s a lot like music. You can find it everywhere, but it’s those songs that stand out, the ones that stand the test of time, that really give us something to hold onto. “

The stripped-down “garage session” video features just Heath and his guitar player Casey Paraday, and was filmed by Cody Villalobos, the same creative mastermind behind videos like Justin Moore’s “Why We Drink” and “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home.”

And to help celebrate the romantic new song on Valentine’s Day, Heath gave away a gift card to one of the most romantic places on the planet: Cracker Barrel.

That oughta get the romance juices flowin’ if this song wasn’t enough already.

Heath has had a monster few years after first being discovered from his videos on Facebook, including his killer cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way.”

He’s since been signed to Big Machine and released an EP of original music, Common Ground, in 2021.

And right around this time last year, Heath stopped by the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast to talk about his journey from the oil fields to being one of the hottest up-and-comers in country music.

He’s also continued to crank out the covers of some classic songs, including acoustic versions of songs like Shenendoah’s “Sunday in the South” and Journey’s “Faithfully.”

And now Heath’s gearing up to head out on the Country On It Tour with Justin Moore starting in March in Tuscon.

So if you’re heading out to see Justin (or you’re gonna catch Heath on one of his solo dates), just be warned:

If he sings this song, it’ll get you pregnant.

Heath Sanders Tour Dates:

2/19 – Russellville, AR
2/25 – Malvern, AR
2/26 – Springfield, MO
3/12 – Tucson, AZ*
3/13 – Prescott Valley, AZ*
5/12 – Everett, WA*
5/13 – Kennewick, WA*
5/14 – Nampa, ID*
7/2 – Mt. Gilead, OH
9/19 – San Martin, CA
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