Heath Sanders Drops A Killer Acoustic Cover Of Journey’s “Faithfully”

With all due respect to that one insanely overplayed Journey song (you know the one I’m talking about), “Faithfully” is 100% the 80’s rock band’s best song.

Between its tender lyrics and the power in lead singer Steve Perry’s voice, there aren’t many country singers I can think of who could do the song justice.

But Heath Sanders just released an acoustic cover of “Faithfully” and let me tell you – he knocked it out of the damn park.

And in fact, “Faithfully” isn’t the only 80’s rock cover that Heath’s done recently: He also posted a cover of Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive,” admitting that he’s a “big 80’s hair band fan.”

If you’re not familiar with Heath by now, he’s the oil worker who went viral for his cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way” a few years back. He’s now signed to Big Machine, and released Common Ground, an EP of his original music, earlier this year.

With his powerful, gravelly voice and impressive range, Heath just keeps proving that he’s one of the more underrated voices in country music right now.

And I definitely wouldn’t be mad if he decided to put out an entire album of these 80’s hair band covers.

Maybe some Guns ‘N Roses next? What do you say, Heath?

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