Heath Sanders’ Cover Of Shenandoah’s “Sunday In The South” Is Insanely Good

Shenandoah’s “Sunday in the South” is a completely underrated ’90s country song (well technically it was released in 1989, but close enough).

It’s one of those classic songs with such vivid lyrics that when you listen you’re immediately transported back to those Sundays when you were little, going to church, or having dinner with your family, spending the day out on the lake, or wherever it may be.

For me, it’s spending weekends fishing and catching crawdads at the river with my grandparents.

And for Heath Sanders, it brings back the smell of his grandpa’s truck.

As he explained:

“If you were to walk up and ask me what my favorite country song is, I would tell you that ‘Sunday in the South’ by Shenandoah is it. I can hear the first chorus of this song and I can smell my grandpa’s truck.

It absolutely means the world to me.”

Heath recently posted a video of himself doing a cover of his favorite country song, and damn is it good.

Shenandoah’s Marty Raybon is too often left out of the conversation around best voices in country music, but in my opinion he should probably be somewhere on that list.

And Heath Sanders manages to knock Shenandoah’s song out of the park – like he does with just about everything he sings.

Here’s Shenandoah’s version of their hit song.

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