Kevin Costner To Co-Produce Upcoming Docuseries “Onward”

Kevin Costner Yellowstone
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Recently, we learned the news that Kevin Costner is gearing up to direct upcoming western film, Horizon.

It’s the first time he’s held a director role in a movie since 2003’s Open Range, but given the success of Yellowstone recently, it sounds right in the wheelhouse.

However, it appears he’s already ready to get behind the camera again, as him and 44 Blue Productions are partnering to develop “Onward,” a docuseries about traditions and rituals in Indigenous communities.

According to Variety, each episode of “Onward” will focus on a specific indigenous community, and how their people, land and cultures have continued to keep on while facing difficult challenges over the years, such as climate change, commercial development, and COVID.

The concept of the docuseries comes from Cale Glendening’s documentary short, which is under the same name.

The documentary showed his experience with the Kazakh-Mongolia eagle hunters in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia.

Glendening also weighed in on the purpose of the show:

“‘Onward’ is not only a preservation project, but also a celebration of culture. My goal is to create the largest visual anthology of Indigenous people in the world so that we can help keep these traditions alive.

As the world around us continues to shrink, it is our responsibility to not only celebrate Indigenous people around the globe, but to help document and preserve their customs and ways of life. To do so in partnership with Kevin Costner and 44 Blue as well as the amazingly talented Smriti Mundhra and Cale Glendening is a dream come true.”

Costner also called the project, close to his heart:

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