Joe Rogan Praises Colter Wall’s “Kate McCannon” During Recent Podcast: “It’s An Amazing Song”

Joe Rogan colter wall country music

Joe Rogan, huge Colter Wall fan.

On his podcast a couple days ago, he brought on friend and comedian Akaash Singh as a special guest for The Joe Rogan Experience.

Of course, he addressed the people trying to cancel him, calling it a “political hit job,” but also, he handed out some serious praise for country music’s own Colter Wall.

While Rogan and Singh discuss the state of Texas (mainly how Austin is a different world compared to the rest of the state), Singh admits that he lowkey likes country music.

He brought up the fact that he loves Phil Vassar’s 2000 hit, “Just Another Day In Paradise.”

Although I can personally say I think it’s a great song, and obviously Singh does too, but Joe wasn’t feeling it.

He then pulls up the wild music video of Colter Wall’s “Kate McCannon,” and although Singh is a bit iffy at first, he realizes he likes it, and he’s now officially received a taste of true country/western music.

Joe is a big fan of real deal country music, including Colter (who he tried to have one the show), as well as Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers, Chris Stapleton, Shooter Jennings, and more.

Also, for all you guys looking for love out there, Rogan has some strong words of advice when it comes to relationships, referencing the boyfriend who kills his girlfriend because she cheated on him in the song:

“Wild b*tches are gonna be wild. And if you get a wild bitch and you think you’re gonna calm her down, and she’s gonna get bored.

You gotta know, as a man, you have to know you’ve gotta wild one.”

They also talk a little about Johnny Cash, with Singh saying he visited the Johnny Cash museum, as well as the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville recently.

Check out the full conversation here, and definitely pay attention to Joe starring a hole through Akaash while he hears “Kate McCannon” for the first time… it’s that “you better fucking like this, man” look we’ve all given friends before.

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