Muscadine Bloodline Drops Long-Awaited New Album, ‘Dispatch to 16th Ave’

Wales Toney

It’s finally here.

Ever since Muscadine Bloodline gave us a taste of new music when they dropped “Dyin’ for A Livin'” last fall, we’ve just been waiting for the new album to follow.

The duo finally announced the full album late last year, and also released the title track calling out the Nashville music industry, “Dispatch to 16th Ave.”

And as if that wasn’t enough of a teaser, the boys also dropped one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long damn time last month when they released “No, Pedal Steel.” (Seriously. I’ve had it on repeat pretty much since it came out).

So after dropping straight fire with their first three releases from the new album, it’s safe to say our expectations were high.

Well ladies and gentlemen, Dispatch to 16th Ave is finally here and I’m happy to report that they knocked it out of the park.

The album contains a little bit of everything, from heartbreak songs like “My Side of Town” to some rocking, not-so-thinly veiled threats in cheating songs like “Dead On Arrival” and tributes to their Alabama roots in songs like “Southern” and “Down in Alabama.”

Talking about the album, the duo of Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton said:

“After searching for a long time, we finally feel like we have found what we want to say and what we want to sound like.

The record is loosely arranged in the concept of honoring the artists who came before us. They recorded with limited instruments and didn’t use modern sounds or bells and whistles. Charlie played all of the acoustic guitar parts, Gary did the same with the electric and we used our touring band to create the most raw and real sound we could bring – with no edits.

As we see ourselves evolving into better artists and performers, it feels like we found a perfect place to park the ship. Better get comfortable because this album is what we believe to be the best Muscadine Bloodline.”

Can’t say that I disagree there, boys. Gonna be listening to this one for awhile.

Start your weekend off right and give it a spin.

“Dead On Arrival”


“My Side Of Town”

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