Muscadine Bloodline Debut New Honky Tonk Heater, “Dyin’ For A Livin'”

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Two of the best dudes in the business are back and better than ever with the release of their new single, “Dyin’ For A Livin’.” And while this honky tonk heater might sound like a hard departure from the sound you’ve come to expect from the Alabama duo, I would go ahead and get comfortable… it’s here to stay.

If nothing else, this ongoing pandemic has given a number of artists the time to pause and reflect on the paths they’ve chosen, the music they’ve been making, and more importantly, the kind of music they want to be making in the future.

And for Charlie and Gary, that path forward is crystal clear:

“With new music coming out tonight, we’ve been reflecting on the last six years as a whole. The most difficult bridge to cross when you move to Nashville is all the opinions you will receive on your journey.

This town has convinced artists to do what others think instead of doing what they think. We have found happiness in going with our hearts, instead of the latter. For a long time, we balanced the line with our music to sound different yet, sound like it could live on the radio. Fortunately, because of our amazing fans, its worked.

This makes us incredibly grateful and proud to look at what we have built together. Once the pandemic started, we had unlimited time to reflect and check our egos. One thing we learned was making music Is about being happy, having gratitude, and most of all having fun. Once we re-established those core values, the songs started writing themselves.

We realized making records isn’t about what people think and want you to say. It’s about being intentional and realizing you have a bigger story to tell. We have never been more excited about the music we are making and we are happy to get it in your hands.

The next chapter begins tonight and it’s time to show the world who Muscadine Bloodline really is. We’re just two South Alabama boys making country music and paying respect to the ones that came before us. We hope you like what you’re gunna hear because it’s here to stay.”


Somewhere between Lynyrd Skynyrd meets “Chattahoochee,” this old school barn burner is just what the doctor ordered.

Crank it up.

And stay tuned…

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A beer bottle on a dock