Tim McGraw Walks Through His Old Music Videos: “Now, Looking Back… Maybe I Wasn’t So Cool”

You gotta love watching a country music star taking a trip back through time.

We’ve seen Tim McGraw’s sound, and look, change drastically over time, and it’s always interesting to see the transitions in his career each decade. A testament to his longevity, he’s managed to stay relevant in country music for the past 30 years.

With that being said, the man sat down to revisit and review some of his old music videos, and it’s pretty cool hearing his input on his experience shooting each music video.

He kicked things off with his 1994 hit “Down On The Farm,” when he was rocking the mullet and ‘stache.

It was the first time he had watched that video in years, and he talked about how cool it was to have all of his friends and family show up to shoot the video in his hometown of Delhi, Louisiana.

He then revisited his video for his 2002 hit “She’s My Kind Of Rain,” and he joked about how he was trying to go “GQ” in the video.

“I got to step out of the cowboy hat for a little bit… had some little fashion thing going on so I felt like I was cool for a little bit.

Now, looking back… maybe I wasn’t so cool.”

He laughed about the “mutton chops” he had for sideburns back in the day, and said he’s considering adding the song back to the set-list, while also talking about how making a set-list for a show is one of the hardest parts about performing, finding that perfect mix of old hits, new songs, and covers.

Lastly, he reviewed his video for his 2015 song “Humble and Kind.”

He recalls the intro to the video, and how it showed a number of clips of people from every walk of life.  McGraw said the clips came from an Oprah show, and he contacted Tyler Perry about being able to use the footage for his video.

He said Perry called him back in tears after hearing the song, and it was easy to see that Tim was getting emotional reminiscing on the video.

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