VIDEO: Waylon Jennings’ Hilarious Scene With Ed O’Neil On ‘Married… With Children’ In 1994

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Waylon Jennings: a country music singer, author, all-around badass and… pretty damn good actor.

Back in 1995, Waylon was on a press tour promoting his book, Waylon: An Autobiography, where he made an appearance on Ralph Emery On The Record. 

Ralph, who recently passed away, brought up Waylon’s cameo on an episode of the sitcom Married… With Children, playing a character named Ironhead Hanes that aired the year prior to the interview in 1994.

Al Bundy, who’s played by the great Ed O’Neil, goes to Ironhead, a guru macho man of sorts, after he gets in trouble at work for insulting a “fat woman” and is in jeopardy of losing his parking space (among other things) as a result.

Waylon first met Ed on a trip to Ireland in real life, though, and couldn’t believe that he was so different from the character he played on TV:

“The guy that plays Al Bundy is Ed O’Neil. And I got to talkin’ with him, we met him the first time over in Ireland, he was there doin’ something.

This guy… he can be funny when he wants to, but he’s the opposite of Al Bundy. I don’t wanna ruin everything for you, but…”

Gotta love the brutal honesty from Waylon… the man always kept it 100% real.

Then, they cut past the first half of the episode, and Waylon explains his scene where Al comes up to meet Ironhead on the mountain looking for help with the work situation.

Waylon says he was supposed to teach him how to battle political correctness, and even writes a very poignant song about how to do so.

I mean, talk about relevant… the entire scene could literally run on TV today and I don’t think any of us would bat an eyelash.

“He was trying to be politically correct. He wanted to find out what was politically correct, ‘cuz he’s about to lost his parking spot and everything like that.

So that’s what it was about, is being what was, and being politically correct. Which is about as much a chance of me and him being that.

I was so tough that I gave myself an operation with a knife, no antiseptic, you know.”

Right after they watch the scene, Ralph jokingly asks Waylon who wrote the one-word song he sang on the episode, to which the Hoss cleverly replies:

“Oh, I think it took about four of us.”

Classic… check this out if you need a good laugh today:

Waylon also made an appearance on Sesame Street.

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