Yellowstone Drops Final Episode Of “Stories From The Bunkhouse” For Season 4 Finale

As Season 4 of Yellowstone has officially come to a close, we have one final “Stories From The Bunkhouse” episode for us to enjoy before the next season drops.

The episode kicks off with Jefferson White (Jimmy) and Denim Richards (Colby) joking about Jimmy’s mama joke as he’s about to head back to Four Sixes Ranch.

They also talk about Caroline absolutely roasting Beth, and how she may have found a woman who may be more wicked than she is. They all agree that it’s a different ballgame for Beth going against a woman, because she’s so used to easily manipulating men.

It then transitions to Beth and Rip’s wild wedding, and Ian Bohen (Ryan) jokes about not having a feature in the wedding.

They also talk about the role each would play in the wedding, and Denim casually says he would be the wedding coordinator, and Ian says he would be the caterer.

Then, it gets down to the nitty gritty.

Jaime shooting his father Garrett…

Bohen weighs in on the heavy scene:

“Jaime’s pretty much becoming an old hand at disposing of people that are inconvenient, which lends to the theory that he truly has the best interest of the family in mind, or is it the opposite that he knows his ass is in trouble, and he’s like a kid that is covering what he has done.”

White then talks about how Jaime dreams of starting his own life, and running his own ranch, but Beth’s attempt at blackmailing him makes it all go away.

“In his mind, it seems like he’s excited by, sort of hoping for this new life, this new beginning. His own ranch, his own family.

In that moment, all of that goes away. In that moment John Dutton is presented into him, and Beth tears it away.”

Denim also adds how all of the other Dutton kids were asked by John to take care of him, except for Jaime, he never had that. So he’s going out of his way to rebel, but he can’t escape it.

And then, it gets really juicy as they transition to the scene where Jimmy introduces Emily to everyone in the bunkhouse, including Mia.

White then says he felt like it was necessary for Jimmy to bring Emily to the ranch, so that he could officially bring closure to Mia, and be fare to Emily as well.

However, it doesn’t go that well, and Mia and Emily end up getting into a fight. Emily, got a mean right hook…

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock