Rather Than Spending $22,000 To Fix It, Tesla Owner Straps It With Dynamite & Blows It To Pieces

Imagine going to your local car repair shop over a dead battery, and being told it’s practically totaled and is gonna need a $22,000 repair.

Most people would simply just sell the car really cheap to somebody who loves fixer uppers, or get rid of it and buy a completely new car they’re interested in.

But what if that car is a Tesla?

No biggie, just blow it up.

According to Business InsiderTuomas Katainen’s 2013 Tesla Model S was working all fine and dandy for the first 900 miles, until it began to leak water, along with several error codes popping up on screen.

That’s when he took the car to a repair shop, and was told it would take $22,000 to replace the battery of it.

This was a tough situation, as he would have to get authorization from Tesla, who were not very happy about the previous work that had been done to the car.

So, he decided to have a little fun with the old Tesla.

That’s when he hit up a few of his favorite YouTubers, like Lauri Vuohensilta of Hydraulic Press Frame.

The two then proceeded to document the whole thing, removing the lithium-ion battery, motors, and other expensive parts.

They then hauled the “junk” Tesla to an old quarry outside of Jaala, a remote village near Helsinki, Finland.

That’s when demolition experts from the YouTube channel Pommijatkat (Bomb Dudes) strapped 66 pounds of explosives on the car, surrounding the car with slow motion cameras.

Not to mention, they added a mannequin in the front seat with Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s face on it.

After that, BOOM. See ya.

The 14 hotdog-shaped charges exploded, and it was blown to smithereens.

Shoot, if ya can’t use it anymore, might as well make it worth your while one last time.

And think about it this way, if you’re a YouTube content creator, and your page is monetized, you’re making money on those millions and millions of views… hell, blowing up a Tesla might even make you some money,

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